It’s Time to Switch Your Business to Remote Work.

Post Covid-19, most of us have become much more familiar with remote work. And it should, as we all must take our part in reducing our chances of infection. Working from home helps keep your employees safe. Not to mention the many other benefits to both employee and employer. Many of your staff may not even be location-dependent. Why force them to come in, when staying at home is the safer, better option? So, what’s keeping you stuck in the past?

Allowing working from home is now a better option for most. But changes to your organizations are inevitable. Here at Proper Programming, we are happy to help.

Benefits to Remote Work


The Coronavirus is likely the main reason you’re reading this article, but did you know that the impact of the flu on our society has not been minor? And don’t underestimate the positive impact on the mental health of your staff and their family relationships.


Why pay such high rent when all you need is a communal space to gather? No need to pay for a large office, and your employees may be eligible for new tax breaks. With all the benefits, why haven’t you done it?


Every day, your employees travel hours to get to the office. They’re gas guzzlers, sucking down fuel and filling our atmosphere with carbon from a past era. The smog we generate fills our lungs and hurts our loved ones. The warming globe we see demands that we take actions to reduce our footprint. What easier method could there be than to encourage our employees to work from home, as a way to decrease our consumption of fossil fuels?


Don’t trust your employees? Then why are you employing them? The truth is, when you allow your employees to work where they feel most comfortable, you will gain their loyalty, while the abusers will become apparent as they under produce. Their attitudes will improve, and they’ll be grateful for the freedom leading to better retention. Ultimately, they will be happier, healthier, and should work harder for you.

Be warned. A frequent response you’ll see is precisely the opposite than what you’d expect. Your good employees will work harder, try to overproduce, and possibly burn out. This can be destructive, and employees should try to rein in excessive work schedules.

Digital monitoring tools and time clocking software can help provide insights into your employee’s work habits, and clues to the employee’s behavior while on the job. These types of products should be used with care, but can help keep an eye on things.

How to be successful at remote work

Results-driven management has long been a keystone in successful organizations. Such leadership can increase your worker’s productivity and job satisfaction. And results-driven management fits perfectly with a remote work base and helps solve many problems.


Additional resources, such as project management tools, online collaboration software, and a chat system, can help keep things flowing. There are even online tools to help your team have virtual meetings, such as Slack and Zoom.

Migrating more traditional desktop-based business systems to web-based technology can help in this process. This technology lets anyone with a web browser use the system and can be supplemented with desktop or mobile apps that can even work offline. These benefits are one of the main reasons Proper Programming only produces web-based systems.


Security is always a concern. This transition will be fraught with danger. Virtual private networks, remote desktop software and other type systems can help keep those resources away from the wrong hands. Providing work only, laptops and desktops are a good choice. IT staff will need to be trained and able to transition to providing support remotely.

It is essential you conduct regular security audits by trained security staff.


The traditional office is gone for good. And good riddance! The office of tomorrow will be drastically different from the cubical hell we offered in the past. They will be an open, inviting place for people to go for meetings and work. The office will be a place where employees can go when they want to escape.

Need Help?

Let’s explore the options available that can increase your employee efficiency. From online monitoring, to phone system configurations, Proper Programming can provide the services you need.