Website Accessibility for the Disabled.

As the founder of Proper Programming, I have a deep personal respect and relationship with the disabled in our communities. I love to enable individuals to freely work their job and live their lives.

There are many things that need to be done in-order to ensure the systems we create can be used by our disabled customers. It’s often takes just a small amount of time and has only been overlooked in the development process. It’s imperative that we make all our systems completely accessible to the disabled. Contact me for a detailed explanation of why accessibility matters and how to correct it.

For those looking for a few hints, try turning on the screen reader of the computer you’re on. Modern computers have these installed by default. Windows calls theirs “Narrator” and it can be found installed on all windows machines.

Also, we picked a brick wall background not to exclude anyone. The brick wall represents the wall many face when attempting to reach your products. We want to help.

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