We advise business professionals on how to better utilize technology.

Work with our experts, who will advise you, one-on-one.

We teach you all that we know.

Our methods increase profits.

We can get you on the path to success.

Rates start at $95 an hour.

About Michael Parisi

Owner of Proper Programming, LLC

I’ve got many titles, but computer expert and businessman seems to work best. I specialize in utilizing LAMP-based technology to build websites and business systems for small to large organizations. Additionally, I am a native English speaker and have been Top Rated for over 4 years. I work on long-term, and short-term contracts. My longest clients have worked with me for three or more years.

Almost forty years ago, my parents won a state-of-the-art Atari 800 computer as a door prize. What started as good fortune quickly turned into my obsession and career. Over the years, I’ve gained an impressive list of credentials. I consider my ethics a significant part of my value as a businessman.

My Bachelor of Science is from the School of Business in Management Information Systems, and it came from Rochester Institute of Technology. Some of my favorite parts of the job are my roles as mentor, project manager, designer, coder and business consultant. I love helping out and being an engineer.

What I Cover

One of my jobs as a consultant is to help my clients with honest, straightforward advice about their business and operations.

Over the years, I’ve realized that many of my best clients have wonderful and incredible knowledge regarding many aspects of their business. I found the best thing I could do to improve their success was to provide guidance on how to improve their business systems.

Here are some topics I cover:

  • Software and website quality and security.
  • SEO and How to Rank Your Website Higher.
  • How to improve software quality within your organization.
  • Ways to reduce your software costs.

What I am not

Proper Programming is not an accredited education resource, and does not replace higher education. We provide focused coaching to business leaders on topics regarding their business systems and technology. Our goal is to only provide advice on specific topics that help organizations improve their usage of technology.

We provide no guarantees of profits, and our history may not infer future success.