Monthly Pregnancy Test Cost & Optimal Time for Testing Calculator.

This is a helpful tool for those looking to reduce cost on failed pregnancy tests that end up negative. Or for those that are looking to estimate costs on future tests.

This tool helps calculate the potential cost of taking a pregnancy test at different days after 28 days without a period. It assumes the woman takes a test each time the time period is up, and they haven’t had their period.

The equation uses a mean of 28 days, and an average standard deviation of 3.98 days for the menstrual cycle.

Warnings: This tool is for informational purposes only and does not replace medical advice. Always consult a healthcare provider for personalized recommendations. These are general statistics. Every woman is different, and more affects the cycle then just time. Rules of probability applies (sometimes you get lucky/unlucky).

Privacy: The data within this form is NOT stored on our servers and is processed on the browser only. Please read our privacy statement and our cookie statement to understand what we store.

Example: if each test costs $10 and you decide to take the test on the 29th day after the start of her last menstrual cycle, the chart estimates that you would spend around $4 per month on tests. In the months where her period arrives on time, you wouldn't need to spend money on a test, effectively "saving" for the months when her period might be late. The graph also shows how much the cost changes for each day waited or added, and allows a planning family to pick an affordable time to test (with the help of their doctor).

Good luck with the family.

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