About Us

Proper Programming, LLC is led by Michael Parisi, a businessman, project manager and senior level software developer from western New York. We provide world wide service, including to the United States of America and Europe.

After years of research and experience, we’ve been able to deploy a proprietary method to develop web based systems that gives us a clear edge over our competition. We utilize a select group of highly skilled developers who can provide high quality systems and websites our customers demand.

In addition, our capabilities are extensive. From accounting to inventory, we can develop systems for just any need. And yes, we can tackle advanced tasks like optimization, SEO and accessibility.

So let our experts work with you to meet all of your business information systems requirements. We’d love to have you as a customer.

Portrat of Micheal Parisi, CEO

“We pride ourselves in our methods and processes. Our planning and experience allows us to develop robust products at an affordable cost.”

Michael Parisi

For those who want to see a bit more of me, I’ve got my own YouTube channel.