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Welcome to our PlayGround. We offer advice to professionals and amateurs alike on technology. My name is Michael Parisi, I founded Proper Programming in 2018. We are a small business and software consulting firm from western New York. We offer Software Development Services, Web Hosting, and free resources to the public who wish to better use technology within their business.

How we Make Money

Want to support us in our goal of making technology accessible to all? Hire us for Website Hosting, Website Design and Development, SEO, Full-Service Software Development and much more.

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Our Website

I created ProperProgramming.com as a way to showcase my talent in web design. Thus, the website you see before you was created. And yes, I designed the website to create something different and stand out from the rest. After all, we’re not like everyone else, as we are truly Proper!

I started writing articles to help my customers and other business owners gain the knowledge they needed, and to get more people to visit my website. This soon became the Proper Method.

Then, in my pursuits to build the best business systems and websites around, I started developing tools that I found others could use and benefit from. I started sharing these tools with others, and found them to be hugely popular.

Later, and in that same spirit to give, I started reselling the best web hosting I could find, to help my customers and the public with great uptime, great support, and at an affordable price.

And thus ProperProgramming.com became what it is now. A community of developers and tools helping others.

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The Proper Method

After years of research and experience, I’ve been able to deploy a proprietary method to develop web-based systems. The Proper Method is a process we developed, and offer for free, as a way to improve quality when making software and websites. It has evolved to become easier to understand and utilize to improve your success when utilizing technology within your business. The topics we cover focus on the essential issues business leaders and project managers face when developing software, and provide methods to overcome them.

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Portrat of Micheal Parisi, CEO

“We pride ourselves in our methods and processes. Our planning and experience allows us to develop robust products at an affordable cost.”

Michael Parisi

For those who want to see a bit more of me, I’ve got my own Vlog.