Consulting & Education

Lessons & Training

Our consulting is based on the idea that SEO is an ongoing process of improvement that occurs over years, not months. We have seen the impact our process has caused, and how putting SEO in the hands of the and that it is best done by the people who know the customers the best. We’ve found this method to be the best way to make a serious, lasting impact on the business visibility and bottom line.

Website and WordPress

SEO Tune Up

We at Proper Programming do not sell magic SEO solutions that fail to provide results. Instead, we provide a cheap SEO tune-up for websites, and we set up training to ensure that SEO is handled correctly at every level.

Large Business / Corporations

SEO Services

We provide it all. We use white hat methods only, and we do everything to ensure your content is easily found and accessible. Our process can involve training, hiring, or recruiting new staff to provide long-lasting SEO benefits to your business.