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Have an idea?

First thing to do is document what you want. Use diagrams, wire-frames and write the content you’d like to include.

Contact Proper Programming

Next, it’s important to contact us. We will guide you through our process, and don’t forget your documentation! We will need it.

Let us review it

We will review it, and ask any questions. Don’t worry, our specialist can help address business concerns.


We will do research and give you a few paths forward. And yes, we answer any questions.


We start the website, and get you what you want.


We deliver the website, and make any changes necessary.

Maintenance & Upgrades

Don’t worry, we support your website through the life of the project.

What we do

It’s important to reach your customers in an effective, and engaging way that ends with more sales and involvement. (Navigate a fresh approach specifically engineered to your unique market distinctions). We understand the real-world constraints you face and wish to optimize the effect your investment has. After all, you demand a distinct approach that will gain you the edge you want.

A website is essential for all businesses to have. The investment you make will help you for many years to come, and will be a big part of how you reach your customers throughout the life of your business. After all, what else can show your customers how professional you are and gain their trust? Let’s work tirelessly to build a foundation that you deserve.

So, what is required?

Well, that depends on your business. We here at Proper Programming do not use cookie cutter solutions. Our approach is to customize our process to meet your budgetary and business requirements. We’re not bounded by a single solution or platform.

So, what can you expect? Well, a tailored approach that meets your unique needs. An approach driven to provide the minimum viable product you require. To accomplish this, we need to understand both the requirements your unique business demands. Then, armed with this knowledge, we can get a system that will be both maintainable and expandable. In the end, is this not what you want?


Our websites start at around $500 each and go up based on demands.