Free Online PHP to Python 3 Converter (Version 1)

You are welcome to use our FREE online PHP to Python 3 converter. It is intended to aid in converting PHP to Python. We encourage you to use our online converter to start the process of converting PHP to Python, as it will take care of the most common usages of the language.


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Python To PHP (Our Guide: Step By Step / Python to PHP Equivalents)

PHP to Python (Python to PHP Equivalents)

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With our tool, we can help a developer transfer PHP code into Python code.


The converter is not perfect and will require a skilled developer to finish. The end product will have errors regarding nulls, and not all Python statements are covered. We recommend the use of Version Control Software to ensure you have references to the original.

This tool temporarily saves a copy of the code and should not be used with passwords or private encryption keys. We regularly delete this code, but it may be included in backups and logs. Though Proper Programming doesn’t use this data, it can provide no guarantee of warranty or privacy with this tools usage.

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Convert PHP to Python Online Tool

Use at your own risk. Please back up your code before using this converter. Proper Programming, LLC provides no warranty or guarantees in its use.

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