Free WordPress Plugin: Change Titles Case

Change Titles Case is a free (Open Source) WordPress plugin that allows you to mass update (or transform) titles cases easily. It’s a great option for many who want to change the cases of all their titles. There is no pro paid versions of this plugin. If you paid for this, please ask for a refund and send us the money instead. We at Proper Programming love to contribute to the open-source WordPress community.

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Why is this necessary? Alternatives to this method came up short for us. We found CSS transformations to not respect our special circumstances and would force case changes on elements we did not want (such as Abbreviations or Conjunctions).

Change Titles Case was written for a client who wanted to do frequent imports of data that would often change the title inappropriately. With their permission, and the promise of free updates, they allowed us to maintain ownership for this plugin. The plugin provides exceptions to be defined under the settings of the admin section. It runs on categories, tags, pages, posts, and most custom post types; such as those created with the A.C.F. plugin. It should also work with many plugins, but we can’t guarantee it will work for yours.


Settings Screen

Our Plugin Adds a New Menu Item “Title Case” under settings that lets you configure exceptions for mixed case.


Michael Parisi
Usage via the Edit Admin Page/Categories Screen

Simply select the items in the page or taxonomy admin and pick how you want the caps to change.

Limits / Road map

It currently only supports “UPPER CASE”, “lower case”, and “Mixed Case”. “Sentience case” is an option we would love to utilize in the future, but currently have no funding for. It also doesn’t have the option to change case when new items are created.

Please check out our price list, for changes. Your contribution will go to supporting Open Source software , Proper Programming, and will make this plugin better!

Please contact us if you would like us to add these features or send a donation to fast track an update.


We got a Change Titles Case GitHub Repository.


GNU/GPL, Copyrighted by Proper Programming LLC.