We have a growing list of technologies, so please contact us immediately if a service you need is not listed, as we may help.

Web Hosting

We provide the fastest internet speeds at an affordable price. Have a look at our price list and features.

Design and Analysis

It is often said that the earlier a step is in the System Development Lifecycle (SDLC) the more important it is.  Mistakes at these early steps can lead to escalating development and operating costs.  It’s therefore significant to have a proper design.

Business System Design and Analyst

Let us design your next Accounting, Inventory, CRM, Ticket Software or other business software.  Our experts will work tirelessly with their extensive System Development experience to ensure your requirements are met.

Technology Consulting

Do you have a business requirement that you don’t know how to fulfill?  Come to our system design experts for some one-on-one technology and product consulting!


Have an existing system that is already designed?  Let our expert coders make it work!  

Website Development

Designing websites and stores is one of Proper Programming primary businesses.  We utilize our experience and expertise in UX/UI design and work hard to find many solutions for our customers.


Documentation provides a high Return on Investment (ROI) opportunity for many projects.  We will work tirelessly to ensure all your documentation needs are met so that you may experience the lower cost of operation and higher reliability these products bring.

Project Management

Our project managers can manage the resources to complete any task.


We pride ourselves in our design, and I am happy to take on the maintenance of any system.  Please let us know your long-term support or site maintenance requirements. Let us ensure your site provides trouble-free operation for many years to come!


Have a problem and don’t know what to do?  We can get to the bottom of it.  Contact Us now and let our experts nail down a solution that works for you!