Completed Website Checklists

It can be hard to handle all of the details surrounding a websites launch. It can be very hard to manage. It’s certainly easy to forget a part that might make the difference.

Most computer specialists work hard to minimize this for their clients. Regardless, we find most sites haven’t considered all that can be done when releasing a site. We therefor decided to release our checklist that we utilize when releasing a site.

This checklist should contain everything a website owner will need to do to get their product to have its maximum effect. Most of the steps are not required by all projects, and have thus left most of the options optional to facilitate the flexibility needed for the wide level of variation we see. We encourage you to spend time looking up topics, and will continue to provide more references as we expand and improve.

None-the-less, please contact us if you don’t understand any one topic. We plan to continue to improve and will welcome any and all feedback.

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