Free Online jQuery to JavaScript Converter

You are welcome to use our FREE online jQuery to JavaScript converter. It is intended to remove most of jQuery from JavaScript, and is perfect for projects that require libraries apart from jQuery. We encourage you to use our online converter to start the process of removing jQuery, as it will take care of the most common usages of the language.

Remove jQuery Now!

With our tool, we can help a developer remove the jQuery requirement from your code. This can help remove the need to load the large jQuery.js file, and can help free the website to use other frameworks like React.


The converter is not perfect and may require a skilled developer to finish anything it produces. The end product may have errors regarding nulls, and not all jQuery statements are covered. We recommend the use of Version Control Software to ensure you have references to the original.

Source Code

We’ve released this code on GitHub under the Open-Source License of GPL/GNU version 3. Please don’t hesitate to download it.

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Convert jQuery to JavaScript Online Tool

Use at your own risk. Please back up your code before using this converter. Proper Programming, LLC provides no warranty or guarantees in its use.

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