Bootstrap 4 to Bootstrap 5 Converter

Are you looking to upgrade your website to the latest version of Bootstrap, but dread the hassle of updating your classes and data attributes? You’ve come to the right place! Our converter is designed to help ease your transition from Bootstrap 4 to Bootstrap 5.

With this tool, you can automatically convert a large number of Bootstrap 4 classes and data attributes to their Bootstrap 5 counterparts. All you need to do is paste your HTML code into the box below, select whether you want to replace or append the new classes, and hit the “Convert” button.

Important Notes and Warnings

  • This converter only covers a subset of the changes between Bootstrap 4 and Bootstrap 5. You may still review the official Bootstrap migration guide for complete information.
  • The converter doesn’t handle JavaScript changes. The behavior of certain components, such as modals or dropdowns, has changed significantly in Bootstrap 5, and these changes can’t be handled automatically.
  • The converter also doesn’t handle changes to the HTML structure. Some Bootstrap components have new requirements or recommendations for the structure of your HTML, which you will need to implement manually.
  • This converter is a tool to aid in the migration process, but it cannot guarantee a fully functioning website after conversion. Always test your website thoroughly after applying the changes.