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YouTube Newsboy Audio Now Has Its Own Website!

For all you electronic and audio lovers. Newsboy Audio YouTube Videos now have their own website and vlog. This also means that we are now opening the following social networks for the Newsboy Audio website. In the coming weeks, months and possibly years, we will be expanding the Newsboy Audio brand, and video lines. We… Read More »

Still of Video With D-Class Amps

MM Audio of MidimonO High Quality D-Class Amps modified by Tipple Audio. Uncovered

Got some rare MidimonO High End D-Class Amps that have been modified with Upgraded Caps and Upgraded Connectors by Tripple M. I struggle finding info on these, and will welcome anything you all know. But this is what I know. MM Audio – MidimonO 2 x 300 Watt – Main Amplifier and MonoblocksMM Audio –… Read More »

Intro Opinions to the Mission 700 Speakers – Used Speakers at a Good Value!

Great speakers to buy at a lower cost. Sound better then many speakers twice their price. The only problem I’ve had with them is the laminate is falling off. Looking for more info as well. At time of posting, these are found around $70-100 on the used market. Great Buy. ——— * Looking To Support… Read More »

Visaton Elevation 3’s – One of the best Speakers you can Make Yourself.

Amazing Kit speaker we got for you all. The Visaton Elevation 3’s. These are amazing speakers with some fun art on them. As always, I bought these used for a steal from the original owner and am now adding them to my personal collections. Here are there details: Tweeter – G 25 FFL – 8… Read More »

Initial Review: KEF 303 Series 2’s – type SP1147 – Blast From the Past Speakers! Lets go RETRO!

My initial opinions of some interesting speakers. Cleaned up and started to audition these. They sound great. Will be releasing a second video as my experience grows, but wanted to show off these bad boys for you all who love speakers! Next time, I’ll be taking their cloths off! * Looking To Support Me? *… Read More »

Newsboy Audio Speaker Season Spring 2022 Preview – What’s to come and whats so much fun!

Got some speaker porn for you all. Bower & Matrix B&W Matrix, Monitor RS-5, Shanling SP-80, Rotel, KEF LS 50 vs LS 50 Meta and more to come! * Looking To Support Me? * * Need Help? * Check Out My Software and Web Development Business: or My Patreon for donations. Links on my… Read More »

JVC SP-EXA-1 Famous Wood Cone Speakers – Nice smaller speakers available on the used market.

JVC famous wood cone speakers are a good deal, if you can find them at the right price. I probably paid too much and will loose money on these. I did enjoy them for about a year. JVC-EXA 1’s. At 4ohm, they work pretty good with a good power supply. I personally outclassed the speakers… Read More »

The Story of My First Martin Logan Review. And Why It didn’t Happen.

Sad story I got for you all today. Martin Logans Ethos, they just didn’t work. Could of fixed them, but they got to expensive. I bought them off auction and was told they were working perfectly. When we got them in, we found that not to be the case. After much work, I had to… Read More »

B&W 600 Series. Review 8 Years in the making! Hint: Don’t Shoot Speakers!

These Bower & Wilkins speakers are some of my longest owned speakers. I enjoy them for MANY years. But its time to move on. Here are my thoughts on them. Here are the 604 series 3, and the 602 series 3. But this goes for the entire early 600 series B&W line. Short Version: One… Read More »

OUT TAKE! – A day in the life of an Audiophile. – BlueNode 2 Review!

NOTICE! If this video hits 1000 likes, we will get Bobby a new pillow! WARNING: THIS VIDEO MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR VERY YOUNG KIDS AND ALL WORK ENVIRONMENTS! So, I was publishing videos I took, and was reviewing this one. And I just couldn’t bring myself to delete it. I ended up laughing so… Read More »

Problem with an Audio 12v Trigger not working? Maybe this will help!

These things are handy for many purposes. A stereo to mono (and vice versa) audio adapter can save your butt in a pinch and is a simple solution to the most common problems involving Pre-Amplifier to Amplifier (and other equipment) 12v Trigger/Trip/Switch. A mono to stereo (or vice versa). As always, check your equipment documentation… Read More »

Face Off! Bower and Wilkins (B&W) Matrix 804 vs DM604 Series 3 – for $600-800

Faceoff involves the Series 3 B&W Matrix 804 s1 and the DM604 s3. Both speakers can be found around the $600-700 range.

Screen Capture of the Video

Magnepan 1.7 Loudspeaker Review – All Panel Goodness, All the Time!

Correction’s: Magnepan 1.7’s can not be bi-amplified. I had assumed something, incorrect. Here is my review of the Magnepan 1.7’s. I lived with these speakers for the last 6 months, and have come to love them. But they’re not perfect. Watch to learn more. My First 4k Review and YouTube Video! More to Come! Here… Read More »

Video Still of My Gear Show Off

Gear Show Off – My ULTIMATE Audiophile Computer Gaming HQ and Office

I’m a software developer, audiophile and computer gamer. I went out with the goal of buying the ultimate gaming system and office. How Did I Do? Corrections: The Monitor is ASUS ROG Swift PG43U 43″ Ultra High Definition 144Hz Screen. And the Gustard is the A20H. Things I forgot to mention: -Sit Stand Desk -Razer… Read More »

Windows 10 – Bluetooth Stops working after restart. Restarting Doesn’t Work. Try this!

Will be providing a lot of Computer and Audio tech advice, equipment reviews and more. So please subscribe and like. Also, if you know anything more about this issue, please share in the YouTube comments. —- A small video about a weird problem I’ve encountered on multiple Windows 10 machines with the Bluetooth Icon in… Read More »

Showing off My Class A Tube Amps

Velleman Class A K8010 Tube Monoblock Amplifiers – Review!

These are vintage audio, monoblocks that are rated at 65w per channel. They sound great and look great and have a bit of warmth to them. Highly recommend. Sounds as good as McIntosh. These are custom made kit amps. They are have solid soldering points. Lots of power (65w / Channel). And the tubes (4xKT88… Read More »

Then Audio – shARC Review – Signal Processor for eARC to HDMI conversions.

After a few tries. We finally finished this review. I tried to make this stuff easy for y’all, but it’s not easy. Which is part of the reason I can’t recommend it. For those with a bit more technical knowledge, please read this description for more info as this contains info on when you should… Read More »