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WordPress is an incredibly powerful and popular content management system that is based on Open Source technology. It deploys with a library of extensions that can offer significant improvements in value and customer experience. It’s also completely scale-able and can handle everything from the largest to the smallest sites on the web. Corporations to small business’s utilize this platform to provide a base hub to disseminate information and to build brand loyalty. It’s market dominance is well deserved.

WordPress most prevalent detail is its shear popularity. Some estimations claim it responsible for powering around 60% of the websites on the internet. The popularity is due to the flexibility WordPress provides and its ability to meet the demands of the modern web site owner.

This same popularity is also its main disadvantage. It’s large footprint puts it in the cross hairs of those looking to do harm. However, if its properly maintained its extremely secure.

We highly recommend all website owners, regardless of platform, actively maintain and upgrade their systems. Failure to do so may compromise your security and put your customers at risk.


Google Analytics and Tag Manager

Google Analytics is a tool for website owners, business professionals and web developers to monitor the traffic coming to your site. It provides insights on user behavior and can be used to help increase the effectiveness of your website. Most Google Analytics accounts for small businesses are not set up properly. Unfortunately what is often missing is the important part, the tracking…

Basics: How To Perfect Your SEO in 3 easy steps.

Looking to get more out of your new website? We’ve written this article for you. By utilizing the ideas in this article, we can essentially turbocharge your document’s popularity so that it shows to more people. We hope it provides a quick way to familiarize our non-technical friends with some basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) principles. We will be unable to address…

A Beginners Guide to Website Keyword Optimization

Welcome to our beginner guide to website keyword research! We developed this guide for the non-technical person who is interested in learning more about search engine results. This document refers to many Search Engine Optimization (SEO) topics and complements the article we created on SEO Basics. The goal of keyword research is to generate a report on what keywords matter to your…

Website Accessibility for the Disabled.

As the founder of Proper Programming, I have a deep personal respect and relationship with the disabled in our communities. I love to enable individuals to freely work their job and live their lives. There are many things that need to be done in-order to ensure the systems we create can be used by our disabled customers. It’s often takes just a…

About the Proper Programming Website.

Great news! The website, ProperProgramming.com has reached release! Its been way to long. We’ve been doing this how long? And yes, it never will be “done” as we are going to start utilizing the platform. I still see problems with it, but I can be quite picky. I wanted this site as an example. I needed something that was all mine. No…