Velleman Class A K8010 Tube Monoblock Amplifiers – Review!

These are vintage audio, monoblocks that are rated at 65w per channel. They sound great and look great and have a bit of warmth to them. Highly recommend. Sounds as good as McIntosh.

These are custom made kit amps. They are have solid soldering points. Lots of power (65w / Channel). And the tubes (4xKT88 Each) are mounted on a custom circuit board. The design of them is extremely simple. They’re also extremely heavy weighing in around 30lbs (17kg) each. We’ve been listening to these with Bower & Wilken’s, Magnepans and KEF LS50. We enjoyed them for awhile now and wanted to come out with a video.

My biggest criticism of them is one of reality. Class A Tube Amplifiers run REALLY hot. And these two can easily heat a room. Just a reality of Class A amps and the clean sound that comes from them.

These amps are from our personal collection. We paid for them and have enjoyed them for months. This is not a paid review, and we make this only because this is our passion.

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