YouTube Newsboy Audio Now Has Its Own Website!

For all you electronic and audio lovers. Newsboy Audio YouTube Videos now have their own website and vlog. This also means that we are now opening the following social networks for the Newsboy Audio website.

In the coming weeks, months and possibly years, we will be expanding the Newsboy Audio brand, and video lines. We will also be offering transcripts, as well as other exclusive content for those that are interested in the hobby of being an Audiophile or Gear Head.

Our purpose will be to expand our following, and further enjoy our hobby (Audio Gear). I hope you enjoy it as much as we will.

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What this means for Proper Programming

Proper Programming is not going anywhere. In fact, its expanding. We plan on dedicating the Proper Programming Website to build up our resources for software development, web development and custom business systems. In the next coming months, we will be expanding our available tools, writing more articles, and releasing our own videos focused on these topics.

This Year Has Been HUGE!

Our Popularity has exploded! We’ve gotten hundreds of followers on all of our social networks. We’ve been overwhelmed by community support and are receiving lots of traffic on our Proper Programming Website. We thank you for your help, and we continue to be here for you. Please, as always, let us know what we can do to help.

As for 2022, we’ve pushed things further then ever! Already we’ve added our new Who Is Tool, and have revised most of our articles, updating them for the year 2022 and improving them. And ofcourse, we’ve added our Company Directory as well as our Company Reviews. We will be expanding this to provide a better User Experience. More will come.

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