Magnepan 1.7 Loudspeaker Review – All Panel Goodness, All the Time!

Correction’s: Magnepan 1.7’s can not be bi-amplified. I had assumed something, incorrect.

Here is my review of the Magnepan 1.7’s. I lived with these speakers for the last 6 months, and have come to love them. But they’re not perfect. Watch to learn more.

My First 4k Review and YouTube Video! More to Come!

Here is some Magnepan 1.7’s Loud Speakers made around 2010. These are power hungry panel speakers that many claim are some of the best in the world. Is this justified? Probably. But for those that haven’t experienced them, they’re highly recommended. Though they do have weaknesses. Enjoy the video, and please goto YouTube and like this video. I do this is as a Hobby, and enjoy it immensely.