Laravel (Framework for PHP)

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Laravel is a framework for PHP. What is that? Well, its a bunch of standards and libraries that extend the computer language PHP and makes it vastly more power.

The PHP scripting language is at the foundation of the Laravel framework. We also see massive benefits with Laravel’s extensive library and Model View Controller (MVC) methodology.


  • The advantages of the MVC with proper documentation can ease the learning curve on new developers. We thus expect easier transitions when bring on new staff.
  • Writing things from scratch is expensive. Laravel provides a pre-written framework for applications and provides many common functionality pre-written and documented.
  • The labor market has a large supply of Laravel developers though expect them to demand higher salaries due to the additional demands.
  • While this may seem alarming, overall cost of these systems remain low compared to other technologies.


  • Though Laravel is big and powerful, it still requires quite a bit of development for products to enter final stages. This can be partially resolved with its extended libraries of commercial based products. Maintenance can also be a problem for some projects budgets as it can be difficult to upgrade without a staff to support it. None-the-less, its almost certainly easier to maintain then many solutions and is the right tool for many jobs.

Support and Development

Proper Programming fully supports open source frameworks like Laravel and can give a free custom quote for all of your Laravel needs.