JQuery to JavaScript Code Released!

Michael Parisi
ProperProgramming, LLC


jQuery to JavaScript Converter Released Under the GNU/GPL v3

Rochester, NY: Today, Proper Programming LLC., a software development firm specializing in custom business systems, releases the code library of their extremely popular online JQuery to JavaScript code converter. This library is intended for software developers and website developers to assist in removing jQuery requirements from their website.

The release of this code is for our continued commitment to give back to the communities that serve us and we hope this will aid all companies that need this type of service. It is intended to aid in projects that require libraries other then jQuery, or for Projects that only use limited JQuery resources. The converter is not perfect and will require a skilled developer to finish anything that is executed through it.

Please feel free to use our jQuery to JavaScript converter online for FREE.

We must note, that using this product will result in errors regarding nulls and not all jQuery statements are covered. It will start the process of the conversion to JavaScript but may make mistakes or may not cover all situations. We recommend the use of Version Control Software to ensure you have references to the original.

Use at your own risk. Please backup your code before using this converter. Proper Programming, LLC provides no warranty or guarantees in its use.

We’ve released this code on GitHub under the GPL/GNU version 3. Please feel free to download it.

About Proper Programming LLC: ProperProgramming, LLC is a limited liability company that operates worldwide. We provide expert resources for small to large companies that help them do business and improves their bottom line.


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