How to Regain and Recover Access to a Cloudflare Account.

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So, you hired a developer to speed up or set up your site, and they never gave you ownership of the Cloudflare account. Or maybe you lost access to the email the account was placed under. But fear not, we wrote this guide for you. And don’t worry, we wrote it for the non-technical person.

Be warned, changing settings in Cloudflare or the Domain Name Registrar can result in downtime and data loss. Please take caution and understand Proper Programming can’t offer our readers guarantees or warranties. Use at your own risk. Contact us for a free quote if you need help.

First bet, Try your Emails

Unless you’re positive you don’t have access to the email, the first suggestion is to try to recover the password. It’s a good practice to try all the emails you have, just to make sure you don’t miss anything. And don’t forget to check your spam box!

Slow but helpful, Support Ticket

Sorry, due to limitations, paid account holders may find it difficult to use their priority support options to recover their account. But a support ticket can help.

Cloudflare will respond quickly to most requests from paid accounts. Unfortunately, the Free Membership options can be limited, and they warn of extended wait times. Not all customers can be helped through this method.

The Last and Fast, Setup a new account

If you’re in a rush, and you’re on a free account, your best bet is to set up a new account. This will require you to change the settings on the domain names (.com, .org, .edu, etc) that point to the server. Therefore, access to the domain name registrar will be required. The domain name registrar is where you purchased your domain name. These often go by names such as Go Daddy, Namecheap, or Network Solutions.

The setup is easy to do with Cloudflare handy little wizard.

What’s Left?

We ask our readers to please contact us with any suggestions to improve this document or if you want a technical consultant for guidance. We can help.