How to Log into Your WordPress Websites

This articles will detail how to log into WordPress and is written for everyone to read. It will provide non-technical methods guide on how to login. The methods within will work for most users, though were aware of some additional website configurations that this may not cover. We’ll expand this document as we become aware of these, and the solutions around finding out how to log in.

Login Now

First, you need to know your domain name. That is what you type in the browser to go to your website and usually has an extension (like, .com, .edu, .net, etc)

Once you know that, add to the end of it, “/wp-admin/” (ex. and put it into your browsers address. Press enter when you’re done typing to get the page to load.

Alternative: You should see a login. If you do not, try adding “wp-login.php” instead (ex.

Now enter your credentials. If you don’t have a password, you need to request a password by clicking the “forgot password” link located bellow the window. If you don’t have a user account, you should contact us and we can help.

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