Google Analytics and Tag Manager

Google Analytics is a tool for website owners, business professionals and web developers to monitor the traffic coming to your site. It provides insights on user behavior and can be used to help increase the effectiveness of your website.

Most Google Analytics accounts for small businesses are not set up properly. Unfortunately what is often missing is the important part, the tracking of conversions, success and sales.


Google Analytics is one of the most popular Analytics tools available. This is because it offers all of the services an average company needs. This leads most users to accurate statistics and amazing value. What’s more, its almost free.


Contrarily to what everyone else seems to think, Google Analytics is not free. In exchange for the insight into your users behavior, Google gets to track your users on your site. This presents clear privacy concerns for your users and has legal concerns for you. Your Privacy statement should include your usage of Google Analytics.

Another key problem with Google Analytics comes from its popularity. Its rather ease for users to find tools that block it. We even encourage our users to use some of these.

Why is the proper method important?

Data is king, and knowing how your users behave online will ultimately lead you to success. But that data needs to be as complete as possible.

How to set up Google Analytics?

It’s actually not hard to set up most websites with Google Analytics, but to do it properly requires a bit of expertise. We will continue to dive into this topic in the future and want to encourage our readers to find many great resources available on this the topic. You may even use Google to do this.