Gear Show Off – My ULTIMATE Audiophile Computer Gaming HQ and Office

I’m a software developer, audiophile and computer gamer. I went out with the goal of buying the ultimate gaming system and office. How Did I Do?

Corrections: The Monitor is ASUS ROG Swift PG43U 43″ Ultra High Definition 144Hz Screen. And the Gustard is the A20H.

Things I forgot to mention:
-Sit Stand Desk
-Razer Death Adder Mouse
-Microsoft Keyboard
-Audio stand by Monoprice

Audio Gear List:
-Gustard A20H DAC and Headphone Amp
-MassDrop Cavier Tube Hybrid
-Willsenton R8 Tube Amplifier and Pre-Amp with KT-88’s
-2xKEF’s LS-50 META’s
-Blue Snowball Ice Microphone
-Sound Acoustic Foam
-And Orange Transition Color curtains found on

Other Gear List:
– ASUS ROG Swift PG43UQ 43″ Ultra High Definition, HDR 144Hz Screen 1ms response time
– Logitech 4k WebCam
– 5900X Ryzen (Zen 3) AMD Processor (Liquid Cooled) in an MSI Macro Sized Motherboard with a CoolerMaster Case and an 1080-Ti EVGA GeForce, and 64GB Ram. Two Samsung SSD’s in RAID-0.
– Dell XPS 9570 Laptop for business
– Oculus Rift VR Headset with 3 Sensors
– Secret Lab Gaming Chair

– Planar Magnetic OPPO PM-1 Open Back Headphones
– Sennheiser closed back, wireless headphones TR-175
– Sennheiser 2XX’s (would upgrade)

Painting By:
Gus Fink –
Unknown Artist (Will Update)

I’ve had Mechanical Keyboards, but have given up on them after too many problems. I also use this for my work, so they wear out and die fast. I may buy another, at another time.