Drupal Content Management System (CMS)

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Drupal provides many of our customers with a free alternative to WordPress, while maintaining a multitude of services that can allow your site to become a custom solution for the fraction of the cost. It’s powerful view based system makes it easy to develop a varity of products.

There are issues with Drupal however, as many projects may find an increased cost. We’ve also found it harder to find support from professionals in the community and the documentation, despite our personal contributions, still leaves much to desire. But this doesn’t invalidate Drupal, just make it picky for which projects it supports.


Though Proper Programming has been active in the development of Drupal and it’s plugins, we rarely recommend new Drupal systems. We do however support all existing Drupal based systems and look forward to providing our clients with an extended life to existing systems. When appropriate, we also work to migrate clients off of Drupal. And of course, we will create new Drupal projects when appropriate.