Software and Web Development takes significant work. Using the right tool can save a ton of money. Frameworks are just one of those powerful tools, and worth considering for your next software development project. What is it? A framework provides essential libraries of code, written to accomplish common development tasks. These tasks can be anything… Read More »

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CodeIgniter is a Model View Controller (MVC) based Framework for PHP. It is popular for creating websites and web based business systems and is the second most used PHP framework. When compared to other frameworks CodeIgniter takes a minimalist approach, making it lightweight and extremely adaptable. It is also the 2nd most popular framework for… Read More »


Model, View, Controller (MVC) is a standard methodology for separating logical components into three parts. All project developers are then able to use this common structure. It provides a common distribution of the code we use and allows for more code re-usability and less code duplication. Each part holds a function. Model: The model contains… Read More »