AMP Pages

Last Modified October 2020

AMP is a technology that promises near instant page loads when accessing an AMP enabled page from Googles search results. This ability is granted by enabling mobile users to pre-loading your site on the search results page. This is especially handy to mobile users who may benefit from their limited connections.


  • Near instant page loads when users are accessing the site via google when on mobile devices.
  • AMP pages are extremely lean and make for fast pages that can be shown to users regardless of how they reach you.


  • Each page published needs to abide by the AMP guidelines, creating an increase development and deployment cost to the project. For WordPress users, this cost can be decreased if the client is flexible enough to use a AMP enabled pre-existing theme or plugin.
  • The technology is still in BETA and is changed by Google, leaving site owners with sites that don’t comply. Additional testing and maintenance costs may be the result.
  • The instant page performance only occurs for users who have found your site through Google.

Need AMP based support or development services?

Proper Programming can design, modify or update your current AMP page design. We provide extensive business analysis and system design resources for all AMP Page needs. Please, contact us for your next AMP based project and we can ensure you maximize your return on investment.

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