AMP Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages (or AMP) is a technology that promises near instant page loads when accessing an AMP enabled page from Googles search results. This article is a quick review of the AMP technology and what it does, how it works, and its pro’s and cons.

How it works

Google maintains a sets restricted standard of web based technologies allowed. Utilizing this more limited tech stack will allow Google to then cached, and store your resource as they search for your site. Leading to a near instant page load.


  • Near instant page loads when users are accessing the site via google when on mobile devices.
  • AMP pages are lean and make for fast mobile pages.


  • Each page published needs to abide by the AMP guidelines, creating an increase publishing, development and deployment cost to the project.
  • The technology is still in BETA. Failure to maintain your site may lead to Google disabling the feature. Additional testing and maintenance costs may be the result.
  • The instant page performance only occurs for users who have found your site through Google. Other users will only see a reduced load time.
  • AMP pages utilize Google based URL’s. Deactivating AMP can lead to a breaking of these valuable back links.
  • The usage of AMP pages may compromise your users privacy.
  • The restrictive AMP substandard may not be compatible with many advanced websites.


AMP is generally not a recommended path for most website owners to engage in. However, as with most technologies, AMP can be valuable in providing certain markets and businesses an edge. We advise caution when deploying new AMP based systems and recommend them only for those with heavy mobile based users who demand the fastest responses in all situations.

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